25-27 Aug 2021
Open until
27 Sept 2021

Friday, 27 August 2021

Welcome to the ContentAsia Summit 2021, where everything looks and feels different but the goal stays exactly the same – to keep you current, relevant and on top of Asia’s premium video content trends.

Everything important in the region’s content world has been gathered and curated right here. These three days of live conversations, the ability to ask questions and get answers, to schedule meetings, to access super-sized booths and suites, networking spaces and insights/ intelligence are designed to power your next 12 months.

And the best part? You can come back anytime you like for a whole month.

Our theme this year is THE PLOT THICKENS because who can deny that we’re smack bang in the middle of a mighty page-turner, with billions at stake plus a full load of nerve-wracking decisions and life-changing moments. Our sessions will explore the twists and turns shaping Asia’s content environment, looking at the trends, influences & challenges of the most nail-biting scenarios the industry has ever experienced.


Three days of conversations and talks directly from the JKN Global Media Auditorium.

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